mtentchoff (mtentchoff) wrote,

My Rhysling Eligible poems

This has been a bad year for me, from a writing, submitting, and published work standpoint. I've let other things get in the way, and then felt so guilty about letting things get in the way that I've avoided even trying to get back into the writing/marketing swing.

Bad writer. No cookie.

I'm resolving now that I won't let 2012 be anywhere near as unproductive as 2011. I hereby give everyone permission to nag me if i seem like I'm slipping :)

At any rate, here is the pitifully small list of my Rhysling eligible poems for 2011. If any SFPA members would like to read them, please just let me know!

Long Form: 2

Behind the Greasepaint Door (Mythic Delirium issue 24 2011)
The Gardener of Hades Speaks (Illumen Spring 2011)

Short Form: 15

The Changeling's Fornyrðislag (Aoife’s Kiss – Dec 2011)
Recalled (Aoife’s Kiss Dec 2011)
untitled monster mash tanka (Beyond Centauri Oct. 2011)
There Will be Tea (Aoife’s Kiss June 2011)
Winter's End (Aoife’s Kiss March 2011)
When the Music Stops (Star*Line July- Sept 2011)
Things Lost to Shadow (Star*Line Oct - Dec 2011)
Chores (Star*Line 2011 April-June)
Other Attics (Star*Line 2011 Jan- March)
But Sometimes They Play Tricks... (Kaleidotrope April 2011)
This Too (Kaleidotrope April 2011)
Small Gifts (Space & Time Spring 2011 issue 113)
The Promise (End of an Aeon Anthology July 2011)
Midnight Munchies (Paper Crow Spring 2011)
Above (Illumen Spring 2011)

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