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The state of the me

I have to apologize for the fact that I've been posting even less than I usually do. What was supposed to be a small kitchen repair job has turned into a well over two month nightmare with a long string of construction workers stomping through my house and charging huge amounts of money to accomplish next to nothing. There's a curse involved here, since the first three workmen each ended up in the hospital for unrelated illnesses during the process, leading to blind hand-offs from one to the next, and much confusion and backtracking.

I have discovered that accomplishing anything, from writing to editing, is much much harder with the added heady combination of stress, odd chemical smells, and loud construction noises as a backdrop.

However, even though I've been nearly unable to write, edit, and sub, I do have a few pieces of news that I'm behind on reporting.

Sales since January --

2 poems ("Silt" and a tanka) to Star*line
2 poems (Above" and "The Gardener of Hades Speaks") to Illumen
1 poem ("Small Gifts") to Space & Time
1 poem ("Pathways Marked in Silver") to Sybil's Garage
2 poems ("Oolong" and "Moonshine") to Aoife's Kiss

Also, I recently found out that my flash length story, "The Ghost of Onions," published in Strange Horizons, made the longlist for the British Fantasy Awards :)

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