mtentchoff (mtentchoff) wrote,

A ailing computer

I've spent the last day dealing with (ok, watching worriedly while my husband dealt with) viruses on my computer. He thinks he found and destroyed them, but I'm still wary about what awful things I'll find when I open various applications. I think I'm most terrified about my data directory. I guess this really rubs in the need for backing everything up.

The thing is, I'm feeling sort of the same way about this attack on my computer as I do about what happened at my daughter's elementary school last week. Since I've not mentioned that here, I'll just say that her school was broken into and robbed on Tuesday night, and had to be closed Wednesday while the police looked it over, and crews cleaned up broken glass and such. My daughter loves her teacher this year, and his classroom is really special, with all kinds of wonderful things he's brought in, including a fountain with live fish. She was really worried that all that would be ruined.

At any rate, in both cases, with the school and the computer virus, a part of me is just hurt and kind of bewildered. What kind of person would do such a destructive, nasty thing, and why?

The more nasty, cynical side of me fills in answers... profit, boredom, power... but there's still that inner core that can't conceive of that kind of cruelty.

I'm way too old for even a part of me to be naive, damnit.

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