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Accomplished in 2009

Once again, my record keeping was not as good as I'd like. I've no idea how many things I wrote or submitted, so I can't really figure out my sub to sale ratio. I think my New Year's resolution has to be to keep better track of such things.

Still, what records I have show me that I've accomplished a bit in the past year, if not as much as I might have liked.

Poems Sold: 24

Poems Published: 41

The Cat of Nabeshima in Raven Electrick (Feb 09)
Alone by Moonlight in Silver Blade (Feb 09)
Time and the Fey Lady's Lover in Silver Blade (Feb 09)
Midnight in Star*Line (Sept/Oct 09)
Riding Herd in Star*Line (July/Aug 09)
Safe as Houses in Star*Line (July/Aug 09)
Casual Friday in Star*Line (March/April 09)
In the Court of the Night Sky in Star*Line (March/April 09)
The Sages of Planet Aziveko Nine.... in Star*Line (March/April 09)
His Nature in Star*Line (Jan/Feb 09)
Owner's Manual in Tales of the Talisman (Spring 09)
After Falling in Illumen (Fall 09)
Museum Piece in Shelter of Daylight (April 09)
The Call of Mountains in Shelter of Daylight (Oct 09)
Nostalgia in Kaleidotrope (Oct 09)
Blood Waltz in Goblin Fruit (Fall 09)
Scars in Dreams & Nightmares (Sept 09)
For Our Entertainment in Paper Crow #1 (Fall 09)
Adamsesque Outing in Ruthless Peoples 6 (July 09)
Snowbound by the Furnace in Not One of Us 42 (Fall 09)
Wolf Girls in New Myths (Sept 09)
An Open Letter Circulated Across the Web in ASIM (Oct 09)
Five Days After in Ideomancer (Dec 09)
Grace in the Desert in Ideomancer (June 09)
The Bookseller's Tale in Illumen (Spring 09)
Sun-Kissed in Sybil's Garage 6 (May 09)

15 mostly untitled haiku, tanka, and other short form poems in Scifaikuest (Feb 09)

Stories Sold/Published: 3

The One With the Waggly Tail in Mindflights (March 09)
Outside These Walls in Escape Clause
The Ghost of Onions in Strange Horizons (July 09)


4 issues of Spaceports & Spidersilk
a year's worth of poetry for Mindflights

All in all, not a bad year. I'm especially happy that I wrote and sold some fiction. Hopefully next year will follow on that trend, and be great, both for me and for all the other writers on my flist.

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