Spellbound Revival

Some years ago I was involved in a number of projects with Raechel Henderson at Eggplant Productions. Of those, the one probably closest to my heart was Spellbound, a fantasy magazine aimed at kids. Raechel was fiction editor, I was poetry editor, and together we turned out a publication full of weird creatures, magical stories, and odd articles.

After running from 1999 - 2003, Eggplant and Spellbound shut down due to budget issues.

Now, Eggplant is back, and the plan is to revive Spellbound as well, this time in electronic format. There's a Kickstarter at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1367572146/spellbound-magazine to raise money for the first year of publication. Neil Gaiman even tweeted about it.

Check it out!

My Rhysling Eligible poems

This has been a bad year for me, from a writing, submitting, and published work standpoint. I've let other things get in the way, and then felt so guilty about letting things get in the way that I've avoided even trying to get back into the writing/marketing swing.

Bad writer. No cookie.

I'm resolving now that I won't let 2012 be anywhere near as unproductive as 2011. I hereby give everyone permission to nag me if i seem like I'm slipping :)

At any rate, here is the pitifully small list of my Rhysling eligible poems for 2011. If any SFPA members would like to read them, please just let me know!

Long Form: 2

Behind the Greasepaint Door (Mythic Delirium issue 24 2011)
The Gardener of Hades Speaks (Illumen Spring 2011)

Short Form: 15

The Changeling's Fornyrðislag (Aoife’s Kiss – Dec 2011)
Recalled (Aoife’s Kiss Dec 2011)
untitled monster mash tanka (Beyond Centauri Oct. 2011)
There Will be Tea (Aoife’s Kiss June 2011)
Winter's End (Aoife’s Kiss March 2011)
When the Music Stops (Star*Line July- Sept 2011)
Things Lost to Shadow (Star*Line Oct - Dec 2011)
Chores (Star*Line 2011 April-June)
Other Attics (Star*Line 2011 Jan- March)
But Sometimes They Play Tricks... (Kaleidotrope April 2011)
This Too (Kaleidotrope April 2011)
Small Gifts (Space & Time Spring 2011 issue 113)
The Promise (End of an Aeon Anthology July 2011)
Midnight Munchies (Paper Crow Spring 2011)
Above (Illumen Spring 2011)

Off to VCON

Tomorrow morning I leave for the Vancouver Science Fiction Convention. I'm scheduled for the following panels:

Friday 4:00 pm - Richmond A
Middle Grade and YA Speculative Fiction
So you've read Harry Potter and Twilight...what else is there? Why is this section of the sf/fantasy
market doing so well?
Mary Choo, Linda Demeulemeester, Rick Drew, Phoebe Kitanidis, Marcie Tentchoff,

Friday 6:00 pm - Richmond A
Speculative Poetry - What is it, and is there a Market?
A discussion of what makes speculative poetry unique, how it has been defined, and what markets and
resources exist, with examples, advice, and suggestions.
Mary Choo, Marcie Tentchoff

Friday 8:00 pm - Cedarbridge
First Page Idol
Find out how to hook a reader from the very first page. Anonymously submit your novel manuscript's
first page to be read aloud by a guest of honour and critiqued by a panel of pros.
Brian Hades, Stephanie Johanson, Phoebe Kitanidis, Ian Alexander Martin, Marcie Tentchoff

Saturday 10:00 am - Richmond B
Writers Workshop
A closed workshop for pre-approved applicants.
R. Graeme Cameron, Mary Choo, Alyx Dellamonica, Marcie Tentchoff,

Saturday 1:00 pm - Richmond B
Speculative Poetry Round Robin
A venue for speculative poets, both professional and unpublished, to read and discuss their work.
Mary Choo, Eileen Kernaghan, Marcie Tentchoff,

Sunday 10:00 am - Richmond A
Marketing Short Fiction and Poetry - The Basics
Market lists, submission guidelines, formatting, cover letters, and important "do"s and "do not"s of
Brian Hades, Marcie Tentchoff

I was originally down for the following panel as well, but it was just too late in the evening for me, and would make my Friday a bit too intense:

Friday 10:00 pm - Minoru A
Old School Vampires
Vampires - they sleep all day, and party all night. They rescue pretty girls, they long for humanity, and
die in the sunlight. Or do they? The modern take on the vampire is a far cry from the original folklore,
and what you don't know might surprise you.
Russ Crossley, Julie McGalliard, Donna McMahon, Marcie Tentchoff, Sandra Wickham

I'm actually sorry I won't be doing that one, since I gather the comparison is mostly going to be Dracula types versus Edwardy Twilighty types. Myself, I see Nosferatu, Japanese vampire cats, and such less modern vamps as being as traditional as Drac any day :)

My VCON Schedule

Tomorrow is the start of VCON, the Vancouver Science Fiction Convention. My schedule for this year is actually pretty nicely spaced out:

Friday Oct 1st 2pm -- Small Press & Self Publishing
Saturday Oct 2nd 9:30 am –Aurora Pin Presentation
Saturday Oct 2nd 10am - You Suck! No You Suck! - (the art of giving and receiving crits)
Saturday Oct 2nd 2pm - 4pm-- Group Reading
Saturday Oct 2nd 4pm – Speculative Fiction Poetry
Sunday Oct 3rd 10am- 1pm – Writer’s Workshop

It should be interesting. I'm a bit worried by the fact that the people who thought up the panels seem to be tucking small press and self publishing into the same niche. I may get into/cause some trouble on that panel.

The state of the me

I have to apologize for the fact that I've been posting even less than I usually do. What was supposed to be a small kitchen repair job has turned into a well over two month nightmare with a long string of construction workers stomping through my house and charging huge amounts of money to accomplish next to nothing. There's a curse involved here, since the first three workmen each ended up in the hospital for unrelated illnesses during the process, leading to blind hand-offs from one to the next, and much confusion and backtracking.

I have discovered that accomplishing anything, from writing to editing, is much much harder with the added heady combination of stress, odd chemical smells, and loud construction noises as a backdrop.

However, even though I've been nearly unable to write, edit, and sub, I do have a few pieces of news that I'm behind on reporting.

Sales since January --

2 poems ("Silt" and a tanka) to Star*line
2 poems (Above" and "The Gardener of Hades Speaks") to Illumen
1 poem ("Small Gifts") to Space & Time
1 poem ("Pathways Marked in Silver") to Sybil's Garage
2 poems ("Oolong" and "Moonshine") to Aoife's Kiss

Also, I recently found out that my flash length story, "The Ghost of Onions," published in Strange Horizons, made the longlist for the British Fantasy Awards :)

Auroras and Rhyslings

Both the Aurora and Rhysling Awards have reached the final few weeks of their nomination periods for the year. I've mentioned the Rhyslings (the Science Fiction Poetry Association's award) here already, and I'll still gladly send copies of my eligible poems to any SFPA member who wants to read them. I'll also (since I'm still behind on my own nominating) be happy to read any spec poetry published in 2009 that anyone would like me to consider.

As for the Prix Auroras, they are the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association's awards , and are open to nominations from any Canadian. Nominations are free, and can be submitted online, with a deadline of Feb. 15th, or by snailmail, postmarked by Feb. 5th.

For the first time in a long time I have not only poetry eligible for the Aurora, but three stories of which I'm more than a bit fond. Two of those are available to be read online, "The Ghost of Onions," in the July 20th issue of Strange Horizons, and "The One With the Waggly Tail," in the March 6th Mindflights.

The third story, perhaps my favorite of the three, "Outside These Walls," came out this past summer in the Escape Clause anthology from InkOinkArt. If anyone would like to read it, either for Aurora consideration, or just out of curiosity, please let me know and I'll email a copy.

A ailing computer

I've spent the last day dealing with (ok, watching worriedly while my husband dealt with) viruses on my computer. He thinks he found and destroyed them, but I'm still wary about what awful things I'll find when I open various applications. I think I'm most terrified about my data directory. I guess this really rubs in the need for backing everything up.

The thing is, I'm feeling sort of the same way about this attack on my computer as I do about what happened at my daughter's elementary school last week. Since I've not mentioned that here, I'll just say that her school was broken into and robbed on Tuesday night, and had to be closed Wednesday while the police looked it over, and crews cleaned up broken glass and such. My daughter loves her teacher this year, and his classroom is really special, with all kinds of wonderful things he's brought in, including a fountain with live fish. She was really worried that all that would be ruined.

At any rate, in both cases, with the school and the computer virus, a part of me is just hurt and kind of bewildered. What kind of person would do such a destructive, nasty thing, and why?

The more nasty, cynical side of me fills in answers... profit, boredom, power... but there's still that inner core that can't conceive of that kind of cruelty.

I'm way too old for even a part of me to be naive, damnit.

Rhysling Nomination Time

If any SFPA member would like to read my file of Rhysling eligible poetry for the year, please let me know, and I'll be happy to send it. There are 41 poems this year, all, oddly enough, in the short form category.

Also, if anyone, member or not, has any eligible spec poetry they'd like me to read and consider for nomination, please send it to me at mtentchoff(at)dccnet(dot)com and I'll gladly take a look.

Accomplished in 2009

Once again, my record keeping was not as good as I'd like. I've no idea how many things I wrote or submitted, so I can't really figure out my sub to sale ratio. I think my New Year's resolution has to be to keep better track of such things.

Still, what records I have show me that I've accomplished a bit in the past year, if not as much as I might have liked.

Poems Sold: 24

Poems Published: 41

The Cat of Nabeshima in Raven Electrick (Feb 09)
Alone by Moonlight in Silver Blade (Feb 09)
Time and the Fey Lady's Lover in Silver Blade (Feb 09)
Midnight in Star*Line (Sept/Oct 09)
Riding Herd in Star*Line (July/Aug 09)
Safe as Houses in Star*Line (July/Aug 09)
Casual Friday in Star*Line (March/April 09)
In the Court of the Night Sky in Star*Line (March/April 09)
The Sages of Planet Aziveko Nine.... in Star*Line (March/April 09)
His Nature in Star*Line (Jan/Feb 09)
Owner's Manual in Tales of the Talisman (Spring 09)
After Falling in Illumen (Fall 09)
Museum Piece in Shelter of Daylight (April 09)
The Call of Mountains in Shelter of Daylight (Oct 09)
Nostalgia in Kaleidotrope (Oct 09)
Blood Waltz in Goblin Fruit (Fall 09)
Scars in Dreams & Nightmares (Sept 09)
For Our Entertainment in Paper Crow #1 (Fall 09)
Adamsesque Outing in Ruthless Peoples 6 (July 09)
Snowbound by the Furnace in Not One of Us 42 (Fall 09)
Wolf Girls in New Myths (Sept 09)
An Open Letter Circulated Across the Web in ASIM (Oct 09)
Five Days After in Ideomancer (Dec 09)
Grace in the Desert in Ideomancer (June 09)
The Bookseller's Tale in Illumen (Spring 09)
Sun-Kissed in Sybil's Garage 6 (May 09)

15 mostly untitled haiku, tanka, and other short form poems in Scifaikuest (Feb 09)

Stories Sold/Published: 3

The One With the Waggly Tail in Mindflights (March 09)
Outside These Walls in Escape Clause
The Ghost of Onions in Strange Horizons (July 09)


4 issues of Spaceports & Spidersilk
a year's worth of poetry for Mindflights

All in all, not a bad year. I'm especially happy that I wrote and sold some fiction. Hopefully next year will follow on that trend, and be great, both for me and for all the other writers on my flist.